Design Director, Product Creator, Frontend Developer, and Portland Dweller.

Hello, my name is Ryan. My interests lie at the intersection of design systems and engineering. Currently I am the Director of Design at Catalyze. At Catalyze, we build infrastructure and compliance software with the focus of bettering the future of healthcare.

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Role: Designer/Developer/Founder

Date: 2016.06.12

Lucy is a company that is building the future of dog DNA test kits. As the creator and co-founder of Lucy I am responsible for both technology advancement and business development. Lucy is still being developed and will launch later this year.

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Redpoint Future Demo

Role: Prototype Designer/Frontend Developer

Date: 2015.12.18

The Redpoint Future Demo was a project I worked on at Catalyze this winter. The intention of the demo was to showcase how developers can instantly instantiate and manage HL7 interface integrations.

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Role: Lead Product Designer/Frontend Developer

Date: 2016.02.25

Stratum is a first in class HIPAA compliant platform as a service. Over the course of two and half years I worked directly with the product and engineering teams at Catalyze to design and deliver Stratum.

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Role: Designer/Developer

Date: 2014.05.27

Throughout my time at Catalyze I've developed and designed a number of documentation systems. Those include marketing landing pages, blogs, compliance documentation portals, and developer API/CLI references.

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Before Catalyze I worked as a web developer at Global Thinking in Alexandria VA. There I had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the greatest brands in the world.

While enrolled as an undergrad at R.I.T I co-founded an edTech startup in Rochester NY. We helped public schools save time and money by replacing archaic grading machines (Scantrons) with everyday printers. Our application leveraged optical character recognition technology to standardize and grade multiple choice tests.

Originally hailing from the corn fields of Upstate NY, I now live with my wife, Kara, in Portland OR. We have two cats and a new puppy. If you're interested in chatting about technology, design or healthcare shoot me an email rrichrs at gmail.